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Designing Personal Training Business Cards

This is for people with a certified personal trainer certification. If you are on your own business cards are one of the first things many personal trainers make for themselves. Some gyms make personal trainer business cards for their trainers and fitness staff. How do you address potential clients? Can you add your ISSA, ACE, NASM, NESTA certifications on your cards?

The Basics of your cards

You have your social media pages like facebook and instagram but ever see a gym that does not have business cards set out front? It is the one thing a member takes and the one thing they keep. We know. We print and reprint personal trainer business cards every day!

Your gym may provide business cards for you which may contain the name of the gym and contact information – make sure your email and/or phone number is on that card! So do you have your social media pages on there?

We have hundreds of card templates. Just select one, fill out the contact information and we will get a proof back to you fast. Then we print and deliver within days. Get as few as 100 thick 16pt matte/dull coated cards as well as cards that are semi-gloss, glossy, with rounded corners, slim cut, thick or thicker cards!

How do we know we are doing this right? We have been here since 2002!

What’s on your cards?

Your contact information should include:

  1. Full name
  2. Cell Phone. Return calls immediately.
  3. Email address. Connect this to your mail account on your cell phone.
  4. Your business name
  5. Your business address
  6. Certification logos. Add credibility and professionalism to your card. You do not need to spell out International Sport Sciences Association, just I.S.S.A.

Include your website if you have one with your personal testimonials. List your facebook and your instagram accounts – your business facebook and business instagram accounts!

Keep your voice mail greeting simple with the message that you will get back to them – then do it. A professional manner will gain you credibility.

The Back of the Card

Use the back of the business card to create an appointment or an offer. Use more than half of your card!

Use the back to tell clients your strengths and add a tagline. You might say “This card entitles you to 50% off your first training session.” Or add a free consult on the back. Check out our backs to get an idea of real world samples edited by trainers!

Hand those cards out! Post them on bulletin boards at coffee shops, supermarkets, smoothie shop and spas. Walk into local businesses and ask if you can lay down a dozen cards – the frequently say yes and if you have a space they may want to do the same.

Add “CPT” not just “PT”

Do not use just “PT” (personal training) but instead add “CPT” along with your certification. That certification is your credibility and it cost money so use it! “PT” can also be confused with  Physical Therapist and not personal trainer. It

As much as possible use professional language and to the point

How do you identify as a CPT?

List your title and your certifications. You are a professional so show it off. Notice that you can list multiple certifications on one card as well as writing out the entire – we can make your card work for you as you want it to work.

On your cards show, for example, your name followed by a title “Kelvin Miller, CPT, NASM.” Use “CPT” and indicate your specialty as well. Your clients will not know the differences between certifications but you can explain this to them. Clients want to know who you are so your first impression, your business card, matters. Logos and certifications matter!

Personal Trainers with  can list  multiple certifications and titles on their cards as well. For example list:

Certified Personal Trainer

Elite Personal Trainer

Exercise Specialist

Fitness Consultant

Weight Loss Nutritionist

What kind of card to get?


  • 16pt thick – not floppy at all!
  • The glossy coating is shiny and makes colors pop
  • Get these at 100 cards or more
  • These take 2-4 business days to deliver


  • 16pt thick – not floppy at all!
  • This shows just the smooth card
  • Get these at 100 cards or more
  • These take 2-4 business days to deliver


  • 16pt thick – not floppy at all!
  • This smooths out the card and gives it a nicer look and feel.
  • Not Shiny!
  • Get these at 500 cards or more
  • These take about 7-10 business days to deliver

Silk Matte

  • 16pt thick – not floppy at all!
  • This smooths out the card and gives the card the nicest silkiest feel!
  • Get these at 500 cards or more
  • These take 5-7 business days to deliver
  • Foil business cards are made on these and give the best impression

Metallic card

  • 14pt thick
  • A card with a slight silvery sparkle and very elegant looking

32pt Xtreme

  • 32pt thick card with a black center core. An uncoated smooth card.
  • Does not bend
  • Best price for a thick card – a real show stopper!